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Don Miller, M.D., on what the state-pharma complex has in mind for us.

There are vital health ingredients that we ALL need but can’t get enough of like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Iodine. Then, there are the harmful elements pushed upon us by the State,which we should not be getting at all, like fluoride which causes brain disorders, vaccines which cause autism and statins which inhibit healthy cells. Dr. Miller keeps close watch on government-enslaved doctors and the lying propaganda of the pill-pushers.



http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/response-to-dr-mark-hyman/   :    ON Soy and why you should not eat,  drink, or entertain it.


By Gail Elbeck, Investigative Researcher

Suppose the FDA told you that “soybean, genistein, daidzein” are included on their “Poisonous Plant Database.”Would you feed your baby soy-based formula, soy foods and beverages? Alarmingly, infant milk formulas are increasingly soy added, as are vaccinations, a direct injection of soy phyto-poisoning.

Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge soy as an active “estrogenic endocrine disruptor,” well-known as developmentally damaging, while at the same time allowing increasing soy marketing to target infants and children.

Suppose the FDA told you that soy phyto-estrogens are equally developmentally health-threatening as all other estrogens. Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that they know soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors transfer to the fetus during pregnancy and nursing, and that sperm carries potential fertilization contamination caused by male soy consumption. Would you consume soy?
Suppose the FDA told you that the 2010 NTP Brief on soy formula reports that there is

 “Clear evidence of adverse effects of genistein in studies with gestational, lactational and post-weaning treatment,” and that “Daidzein has estrogenic activity of its own.” Would you allow poisonous-plant estrogenic endocrine disruptors to contaminate your fetus, infant and child? Suppose the NTP referred to soy as a “treatment.” Would you feed a phyto-poisonous “treatment” to your child?
Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge more than seven hundred scientific studies proving soy to be extremely toxic to development, neurological function and reproductive health, especially during fetal, infant and child exposure. Would you feed your child soy?
Suppose the FDA told you that soy is loaded with fluctuating levels of phytic acid, heavy metals, several toxic compounds, and inhibits essential enzymes necessary for normal development. Would you feed your child soy? Suppose the FDA told you the 1999 FDA Federal Register reports, “GRAS status of soy protein food ingredients did not include a thorough evaluation of the safety of potentially harmful components, e.g. lysinalanine, nitrites, and nitrosamins, trypsin inhibitors, phytates and isoflavones (estrogens).” Would you feed soy-poisons to your child?
Suppose the FDA told you soy phyto-poisonous estrogenic endocrine disruptors are not FDA approved as safe or nutritous. Would you feed soy to your child?

Suppose the FDA told you that the main soy formula ingredients—corn syrup, soy and sugar—are each developmental poisons. Would you feed your child soy formula?

Suppose the FDA told you ongoing scientific studies reported by the best NIEHS scientists, including Doerge, Sheehan, Newbold, and Chang, along with multiple NIH scientists and physicians, report extensive developmental soy toxicity.  Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you about the multitude of detailed scientific studies proving the soy estrogenic endocrine disruptor toxicity causation of (irreversible) autism, seizures, mental retardation, allergies, asthma, thymus damage, hypothyroidism, immune deficiency disorders, damage to pancreas, liver, and kidney, diabetes, leukemia, multiple cancers, metastasis, gender chaos and infertility—pain and suffering for a lifetime. Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that the National Toxicology Program (NTP) report concluded outrageous “levels of aluminum found in soy (600-1300ng/mL) infant formula compared to human milk level of 4-65 ng/mL,” and the CDC confirmation of “brain and bone disease caused by high levels of aluminum in the body has been seen in children. . . Aluminum from the mother can enter her unborn baby through the placenta.” Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you that cancer patients, male and female, are commonly told to stop eating soy products due to the sure threat of estrogenic endocrine disruptor causation of cancer metastasis, and that soy can interfere with prescribed hormone drugs. Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA told you people who struggle with infertility and reproductive disorders are commonly instructed to stop eating soy. Would you feed your child soy?


Suppose the FDA told you they acknowledge the toxic soy-causation of extensive and irreversible destruction of developmental health. Would you feed your child soy?

Suppose the FDA continues to ignore a year-long submitted formal petition requesting appropriate soy-toxicity warning labels especially during developmental exposure, as well as withdrawal of soy-poisonous infant formulas. Would you feed soy to your beautiful healthy baby?

As you know, the FDA does not publicly reveal any of these multiple soy phyto-poisonous facts. American parents and their families painfully (and unnecessarily) suffer because of withheld FDA acknowledgment of established soy-toxicity, the worst FDA deception in American history.
Overwhelming evidence reveals that the FDA continues to protect the multi-billion dollar soy industry over and above the good health and well-being of fetus, infants, and children.

The FDA refuses to warn against the existence of massive scientific evidence proving beyond any doubt that developmental soy-poisoning is highly capable of destroying the good health and well-being of children and adults.
This article appeared in Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts, the quarterly journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation, Fall 2010.

Suppose the FDA advised that Males fail to develop Testicals and a Penis within the 9 month Gestation due to Soy Products by being taken by Pregnant Mothers who have been Conned by Popaganda

  The  FDA is a  Scum bag organization consisting of Congressmen and  Senators  all on the Payroll of the  Soy  growers  and Manufacturers who peddle  this Snake oil . Whats worse are the Soy milk manufacturers who sell this Junk under the Banner of its good for your Health .!!

More on Soy :    http://www.vitaminarcade.com/soy.html



  Natural  Plant Based Vitamin and Minerals are only recomended........ do not buy Petro -Chemical vitamins 

Needed for Health and wellness to retain cellular enrichment. To counteract this you need  Mineral supplements which are a beneficial way to the living of life at optimum performances so if your shopping online choose carefully.recomended 



Food and Drug Administration USA


FDA this fascist department has been called to task by  a US Judge and has successfully  secured  Legal history by  stopping the FDA  from censoring the truth about the health benefits of  VITAMIN C and VITAMIN E





Death by Doctors and Modern medicine

Dame Judith Dench "We Become Silent"


narrated by Dame Judy Dench featuring Mel Gibson on codex and the FDA Made by WELL TV   A film by Kevin P Miller........






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14th may 2010

Seasonal flu vaccinations have been suspended in Australia for all children under the age of five. The suspension comes after 23 children in Western Australia were admitted to hospitals with convulsions after receiving flu injections.

More than 250 children may have had adverse reactions to the vaccine, with symptoms including fever, vomiting and convulsions.

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