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Codex alimentarius

Codex Crash Course

Codex Alimentarius was founded in 1962 by the UN to establish international free trade foods. It is jointly administered by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) through annual and regional meetings.


You May ask why does this affect me they want to control what you eat

The medical Gang includes doctors universities scientists drug companies AND The Real Killers below

The World Trade Organization( WTO) of which we are all members of the UNITED NATIONS (UN) dictates that those members who wish to trade under the WTO have to follow the guidelines of the:

World Health Organization (WHO ) and the

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): these organizations run and control Codex Alimentarius if this does not frighten you. I welcome you to the Death Camps of the world.

Send this around the world to your friends and family as we are all affected


Codex sets advisory standards and guidelines which nations may adopt or modify. If they modify them without special protections, nations may be found guilty of setting up trade barriers by the World Trade Organization (WTO), and be assessed crippling financial penalties. If, on the other hand, countries deviate from Codex texts by creating a scientifically strong alternative guideline or standard, and pass enabling legislation (a process we refer to as "The Codex Two Step") they are free to deviate from Codex without being found guilty of creating barriers to trade. WTO has repeatedly refused to grant Codex a unique position as THE international food code, saying it is one of several such standards.

Codex decisions are, however, often perceived as inevitable by many developing nations which are not aware of the flexibility to protect the health of their people through the Two Step Process.

Codex' decisions are heavily influenced by the desires of multinational special interest groups who send representatives to sit on national committees and as NGO delegates. Because Codex is so heavily influenced by corporate interests, its decisions are, in our opinion, often helpful to corporate well-being but strikingly detrimental to human and einviromental health.

Codex pertains to every bite - and kind of - food traded internationally and allows high doses of pesticides, veterinary drugs, synthetic hormones, contaminants, artificial sweeteners, and other dangerous compounds and processes (like mandated irradiation of food) while it forbids health claims for food.

Natural Solutions Foundation has identified the Problem: Codex and its web of influences. We have generated the Reaction: hundreds of thousands of voting consumers contacting the FDA or Congress through our web site, demanding their rights. And we offer the Solution: the Natural Solutions Program, including our Codex 2 Step - how countries can opt out.



Or How the Nazis Took Over the World Food Supply.

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation

Nutricide (noo trih side):

Codex wants to

1. Intentionally bringing about our causing the death of a body of knowledge and information concerning the health promoting and curative attributes of herbs, food and food components

2. Intentionally bringing about our causing the death of large numbers of people through nutritional manipulation

Codex Alimentarius (the international food standard organization) and multinational corporation collusion together impair and gravely threaten world health.

If Codex has its way, its deadly standards and guidelines will be implemented in the United States by 2010 significantly impairing the health and health prospects of all peoples Americans, killing those with chronic illnesses who depend on therapeutic dose nutritional supplements for survival.

Codex Alimentarius will contaminate every bite of food you eat and make your favorite vitamins, minerals and herbs illegal substances. It will become impossible in the United States to find clean food to feed your family or yourself or to use natural health options to get well and stay that way, at least legally.

Codex rules governing organic food so degrade it that pollution with veterinary drugs, pesticides, genetically modified foods, toxins and growth hormones will make the designation totally meaningless.

Implicit in estimates by the two organizations which run Codex Alimentarius for the UN are that implementation of just the restrictive Vitamin and Mineral Guideline alone will result in the deaths of at least 3 billion people world wide

Those estimates anticipate the deaths of at least 1 billion people from simple starvation and 2 billion more from what WHO and FAO identify as the “preventable chronic diseases of under nutrition”: cancers, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

To accomplish that vile goal, Codex is in the process of degrading the health and social
integrity of the global community by, for example:

o Requiring all animals used for food to be treated with antibiotics.
o Mandating all food animals be treated with growth hormones
o Mandating all dairy cows be treated with Monsanto’s bovine growth
o Allowing unlabeled genetically modified (GM) food worldwide.
o Permitting shockingly high pesticide residues in food, including 7
pesticides already banned by agreement of 174 nations at the Stockholm Convention (2001).
o Mandating irradiation of all foods despite the serious dangers this
presents to the environment and consumers.
o Degrading Organic Standards to the point of meaninglessness.

Codex Alimentarius (Latin: “food rules”)

was created by the UN on the instigation of the mastermind of the German death camps, Fritz Der Meer, former “Over Manager” (CEO) of the German industrial combine, IG Farben. He realized that the control of food was the key to world control while he was in prison for crimes against humanity (including creating and running the German death camps and slave labor system) after WWII.

In 1954, after his release from prison, der Meer became President of Bayer
and, along with 4 other drug companies, lobbied the UN to take control of the world’s food supply.

In 1963 the UN asked WHO and FAO to run the Codex Alimentarius Commission, controlling the international trade of everything that could legally go into your mouth (except drugs) and, allegedly, protecting “the health of consumers”. Operating in effective secrecy (because of a near total media blackout),

Codex today is a fantastically complex bureaucracy actively degrading the quality of food of every nation in the world, including the United States with the help of the WTO, while it works to make all natural health options illegal.



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 Codex Alimentarius (the international food standard organization) and multinational corporation collusion together impair and gravely threaten world health.

If Codex has its way, its deadly standards and guidelines will be implemented in the United States by 2010 significantly impairing the health and health prospects of all Americans, killing  those with chronic illnesses who depend on therapeutic dose nutritional supplements for survival.

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 Under Codex (and U.S. HARMonization with Codex) physicians will no longer be able
to tell you that eating broccoli may help to reduce your risk of breast cancer since Codex
It forbids advertising which links food components and health benefits
IT defines  advertising as anything which causes a change in behavior.

They certainly will no longer be able to recommend that you give your mother 5 mg of Vitamin B12 under her tongue although it reversed her dementia or that you take 400 mg of CoQ10 a day because it has been shown to cure breast cancer.

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Codex is Now at this moment  compromising our health. One example of the erosion of our domestic
values and our democratic processes is the reversal of rules regarding high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

Despite its name, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  this cheap and dangerous sweetener is generally derived from Genetically Modified corn, not from fruit.

HFCS was banned from beverages in the US because of its serious health hazards but is now permitted in U.S drinks. When Codex approved high fructose corn syrup, the U.S. rapidly changed its regulations to “HARMonize” with Codex.

The result? of which is  An epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes:

HFCS is literally killing our kids. Unfortunately, HFCS is only one example out of
hundreds in which humans in the U.S. are unknowingly being subjected to dangerous
international standards—unaware of the corruption and greed shaping those standards




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