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Fat Blocker Foods what a great partner in Slimming

its...... FIBER ( US) , FIBRE

Yes Fibre has a fat binding effect


Sugar Glucose is classed as 100


Eat   Low : GI foods that are below ;55      

          Medium : GI foods                           ;56-59

       High  : GI foods                           ; 70 and above


This is the Number 1 Fat Blocker food :  The POTATO

Why ? because its "Starch Resistant"







Here's List of the TOP  Fat Blockers

Apples    34                                   
Apricots  30
Kidney Beans 52
Brown Rice
Brussels Sprouts
Kiwi fruit
Melons           over 55 so eat with a lower GI food
Pumpkins  Over 55 contains wonderful nutrients so eat with a lower GI food
Rice (brown )   50
Sweet Potatoes
Tropical Fruits
wheat Germ

All of the above  

Any Vegetable that has a High GI  Like the Potato is good  For weight Loss as  it is "Starch Resistant"


Bananas, corn , potatoes, yams, pasta, pearl Barley, whole grain bread, navy beans, oatmeal, lentils and brown rice are some of the common resistant starch foods


Navy beans have the highest resistant starch at 9.8 grams (per 1/2 cup).

Bananas are the second highest at 4.7 grams (1 medium); yams at 4.0 grams (per 1/2 cup), and

potatoes at 3 grams (per 1/2 cup).


Whole grain bread and oatmeal have the lowest resistant starch, 0.5 grams for bread, and 0.7 grams for oatmeal.




What is Resistant starch

According to Prevention, "Resistant starch is a type of dietary fiber naturally found in many carbohydrate-rich foods. ... It gets its name because it 'Resists' digestion in the body, and though this is true of many types of fiber, what makes resistant starch so special is the powerful impact it has on weight loss and overall health."

Resistant starches

Are not digested, though they do travel through the digestive tract--directly to the large intestine. It is their failure to digest that makes resistant starches most effective.

As the fat and oil from regular starches are distributed throughout the body, resistant starches are not, thereby being eliminated from the body much quicker.

As per Prevention, resistant starches are natural fat-burners, further increasing satiety, and diminishing hunger.

"Resistant starch is bulky, so it takes up space in your digestive system. And because you can't digest or absorb it, the starch never enters your bloodstream. That means it bypasses the fate of most carbohydrates, which get stacked  away as body fat,"

Butyrate, an enzyme created by resistant starch is believed to nurture the colon, thereby aiding in the prevention of colon cancer, Prevention states. It also causes pH balance in the intestines, which boosts the immune system, further demolishing free radicals.


 Crap Breakfast Cereals and Drinks  to stay away from. why because

  they are  fat producing contain Large amounts of Bad Salt and Sugar

                      and are classed as "Empty Calories"

GI Index  
Over 70  
   Rice Crispies
   Sultana bran
   puffed wheat
   coco Pops
   Oats In Honey
   Nutri grain-Iron Man cereals
   Toasted Muslei


No Carbs Means   NO GI INDEX* Foods containing little or no carbohydrate (such as meat, fish, eggs, avocado, wine, beer, spirits, most vegetables) cannot have a GI value.




Secret: I lost 6 kilos in 12 days with this Diet  see my list of Fat Blocker Foods above and  DO  NOT mixing foods that fight 

This book Below Will Save your Life


"Food Combining For Health" By Doris Grant and Jean Joice "


Breakfast:   Make your own Muesli Mix: quick Rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and raisins

No Milk .... Just water.... add a low fat no supermarket sugar yogurt to taste

Dinner: Steak,fish, + Fat Blocker Foods to Taste


NO Supermarket SUGAR, NO refined foods at all, Like white rice, white bread, Diet Cokes, No soft drinks with sugar,


No 2 minute Noodles

the Number ( 621)  on food packages mean MSG  so beware



If you do Not Like Vegetables  take a hike  and do not come back here,  they will save your Life..


Solution to Vegetable Dislike


Here’s what to do:


Boil or or steam a Cauliflower and a broccoli heads together 


( Do not overcook) el dente then transfer to the fridge   to cool down, for later, when you feel the urge to eat or fancy a snack, pour some Vinaigrette using "Apple Cider apple vinegar" with “Mothers” on The Cauliflower and the Broccoli  mix with salad  items I.e. Tomato ,lettuce and boom fat burning delicious cold snack.Cook enough for a days eating.

when hungry  snack on the above

DO NOT THROW AWAY THE WATER   that you used to steam boil the BROCCOLI AND THE CAULIFLOWER,  use it to make a  fruit   smoothie, using,  Apple, oranges,  plums apricots, celery stick, carrot, peaches blueberries,cauliflower , Broccoli anything with that ends in berry is good and great for you

add "Apple Cider apple vinegar" with “Mothers” ( capful 5 mils)  ( not malt or white off a supermarket shelf ) to the smoothie it will slow digestion


Exercise: when Walking Get the Heart Rate up,  Walk up the Hill, Any doubts see you health Professional first


leave the fat foods :  like crisps, chips, soft Drinks,Tomato Sauce (25% SUGAR) on the supermarket shelf  

use the  the Mayonnaise sparingly 

Use vinaigrette instead of a creamy salad (Mayo ) dressing. It's lower in fat, plus the acidity of the vinegar slows digestion, lowering the meal's GI.

 Use "Apple Cider apple vinegar" with “Mothers” when you can Do Not use Malt or white

It's bad for you : white Rice                

 : White bread  turns into concrete inside a kids stomach

                  : Processed Foods 

Nuts are great for You, except Peanuts they are low GI  (14) but are 50% protein and 50% Carb so they are harder to Digest these will take energy away from you in the digestion process.


One Key to Losing weight do not mix foods that fight each other ...... 

Carbs and Proteins fight.

 Fix Arthritis with this book:

                "Food Combining For Health" By Doris Grant and Jean Joice "

To  follow this diet properly You will Need To buy the book

                it cured my arthritis

okay you say.... but  some foods contain   CARBS and PROTEINS Together   YOU SAY,  of course they do, BUT its the balance/ratio  of the two that's important . 80% protein and 20% carb is great and Leave 4 hours between mixing the two

if the ratio of carbs and proteins is 50/50 

Why should I not eat together ?.


Instead of the food giving you energy  the digestion process    saps energy from you


Make a soup    proven way to eat less


Fish and chips they fight. Fish is protein chips are Carbs 50%/ 50% not  good when eaten together

Meat and Potatoes, they fight 50%/ 50% not good when eaten together

Green Vegetables  Salads are Neutral Foods and will go well with either Protein Or Carbs


if In Any doubt About your Health and  Before embarking on any weight loss Program see your health Professional first

OVER 25 Get you Blood Pressure checked every 3 to 6 Months






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