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Fda sued

FDA this fascist department has been called to task by  a US Judge and has successfully  secured  Legal history by  stopping the FDA  from censoring the truth about the health benefits of  VITAMIN C and VITAMIN E


FDA have been Sued and Beaten Read the full story PDF file

 Faking medical reality


The people of America Need to stand up and get your Congress, Senators, the ones that are not corrupt to close down the FDA


In its present form. This corrupt FDA organization is run by certain corrupt officers within the FDA. Congress members are


endorsing the stand over tactics of the drug companies along with the lies, all in collusion with the FDA who are slowly killing the masses.


The people working within the FDA need to Named and held responsible for their actions


Bill Gates is now lending his gotten Gains to Drug companies who have Lower the price of vaccination drugs to get rid of them


These go to innocent recipients that being the Vaccinating of innocent children all over the world who have no say in the matter


Or their parents, so the drug companies can make millions and killing(s).


Dear Bill are you feeling good about the carnage you helping to commit by getting into bed with the drug companies peddling this crap.



Children Die because of the Dollar. Corruptly used by the greed of Humanity in the pursuance of power and greed