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What your Dentist will not tell you # 1

1.... Brush your teeth with Sugar,

Gordon  are you mad to suggest this!. Not quite

Go to your local Health Store and buy  Xylitol (pronounced  Zy-lit-all   it's a Plant Based Sugar. It will Reduce Cavities by 80% and  repairs teeth and kill Germs, also  if  you have a sweet tooth put it on your breakfast serial  this is a much healthier substitute.


        What your Doctor will not tell you # 2


( pronounced  Zy-lit-all   Kicks Sinus Infections Naturally .....What  isXylitol   it looks and tastes like the rubbish table sugar you buy from the supermarket the kind that shuts down your immune system.  Only Xylitol tastes better than table sugar and does not shut down the immune system it actually assists the immune system  by helping to flush out the nasty bacteria which sticks to the interior  linings of the sinuses and nose. Heres the Bonus with it,  Xylitol  also removes other pollutants which trigger Allergic reactions and consequently  resulting Asthma attacks.   



What your Doctor will not tell you # 3


Major Symptoms of the above affected a Doctor  which were the following.  Muscle strain, stiffness mental cloudiness, diarrhea, sleep disturbance, the symptoms got worse, soon he could not operate as a Doctor  he was treated with several medication  from other Doctors and he soon became worse,  (where have I heard that before !)  After 7 months of suffering he began taking a simple sugar called “Ribose” his health improved so much (with No side effects) to the point that he stopped taking it after a month.   A week later his symptoms  returned with a vengeance, he then started “Ribose”  again and went  back to normal health.  Ribose  regulates the production of  “ATP” a major source of energy for your cells. If you know someone with Heart problems , Congestive heart failure,  Muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases it could help it speeds up energy  recovery in skeletal muscle, helps you work our longer and speeds up recovery .