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Weight Loss Tips  "Make a  Soup"


Heres a tip to control the amounts of food you eat and more importantly “Hunger Pangs”.

The British Territorial army recruits were entrusted for this controlled experiment . The recruits were Devided into two teams  “ The Red Team"  and  “The Yellow Team” .


The two teams were given the same amounts of food and the same amount calories, consisting of Chicken, Rice and Vegetables and a glass of water each . The yellow team ate their food and drank the water separately with it.


The Red Team mixed the water with the food and made a soup out of it . Immediately after the meal. Both teams had their stomaches scanned and both were full ..


Two hours after the same Physical exercises were performed by the Yellow and Red teams, the teams stomachs were scanned again respectively .

The Red Team showed it had more food left in their stomachs after the exercises than the Yellow team. In fact the yellow teams stomachs were sending message to the brain for more food because as the stomach starts shrinks it notifies the Brain using the hormone Ghrelin to fill the stomach up. So there you have it, don't drink water separately with your meals, as it fills the stomach quicker and also dissipates quicker causing the stomach to shrink more quickly.

 Don't Believe it !!  then  check out the video below

 Keep eating  dairy  and  cheese to lose weight Don't Believe me !! 

check out the video below

Dont Have time to see the full video it's  Number 40 on the blue band

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